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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
123(2)Two Players Named Householder in the 1880s Cause ConfusionKermisch, AlHouseholder, Charles F.; Householder, Charles W.;
62(2)Bill Doak's Three " No-Hitters "Boren, StephenDoak, Bill;
124(1)Red Dooin, Phillies Manager, Put Ad in Paper for a CatcherKermisch, AlDooin, Red;
107(4)Wanted: One First Class ShortstopSchaefer, Robert H.Wright, Harry; Barnes, Ross; Force, Davey; Wright, George; Hulbert, William;
80(3)The Best Last-Place Team Ever?Surdam, David 
88(5)Preventing Base HitsCramer, Dick 
123(1)Dan Sweeney Was a Small Major League PlayerKermisch, AlSweeney, Dan;
93(2)Not Quite Marching through GeorgiaGodin, RogerLarsen, Don; Thorpe, Bob;
39(6)Early RBI Leaders in the International LeagueChrisman, David F.Bransfield, Kitty; Lezotte, Abel; Drauby, Jake; Freeman, Buck;
111(3)Does Experience Help in the Post-Season ?Hanrahan, TomAlexander, Pete; Aldridge, Vic; Auker, Elden;
123(1)Pitcher Hal Carlson Died in Chicago Hotel in 1930Kermisch, AlCarlson, Hal;
102(5)Babe Ruth Dethroned ?Costa, GabeRuth, Babe;
11(5)56-Game Hitting Streaks RevisitedFreiman, MichaelDiMaggio, Joe;
118(5)Why Isn't Gil Hodges in the Hall of Fame ?Saccoman, John T.Hodges, Gil;
83(3)Kamenshek, The All-AmericanHolway, John B.Kamenshek, Dottie; Kurys, Sophie;
53(1)It's a Dirty Job, But ....Schaefer, Robert H. 
123(1)Boston Bees Hit Jackpot on Two Longtime Minor League Pitchers in 1930Kermisch, AlFette, Lou; Turner, Jim;
3(8)John McGraw Comes to New York: The 1902 New York GiantsBlau, CliffordMcGraw, John; Dunn, Jack; Delahanty, Jim; Doyle, Jack; Hendricks, Jack; Bowerman, Frank;
72(4)Home Runs: More Influential than EverCaillault, Jean-Pierre 
54(8)Baseball's Most Unbreakable RecordsDittmar, Joe 
16(5)Lou vs. Babe in Life and in "Pride of the Yankees"Ardolino, FrankGehrig, Lou; Ruth, Babe; Goldwyn, Sam;
64(8)The King Is DeadDebs, Victor, Jr.Cole, King; Huff, George; Farrell, Frank; Irwin, Arthur; Shelton, Skeeter;
98(4)RBI, Opportunities, and Power HittingMorong, Cyril 
86(2)The Most Dominant Triple Crown WinnerGennaro, VinceCobb, Ty;
45(6)Identifying 19th-Century Player Dick Higham ..... Perhaps !Higham, Harold V.Higham, Dick;
124(1)Cap Anson Waived Last Two Innings of GameKermisch, AlAnson, Cap;
82(1)The 600 ClubVincent, DavidRuth, Babe; Mays, Willie; Aaron, Hank; Bonds, Barry; Blaeholder, George; Corkins, Mike; Perry, Gaylord; Wells, Kip;
114(4)The Riot at the First World SeriesMasur, Louis P.Phillippe, Deacon;
124(1)Mike Menosky, Former Major League Player, Called Upon to Settle Court CaseKermisch, AlMenosky, Mike;
95(3)Forbes Field, Hitter's Nightmare?Selter, Ron 
29(6)Batting Average by Count and Pitch Type: Fact and FallacyBickel, J. Eric; and Dean Stotz 
21(8)The Evolution of World Series SchedulingBevis, CharlieLandis, Kenesaw M.;
51(3)Best of Times, Worst of TimesNelson, Scott 
35(4)Harry Wright: The Most Important Baseball Figure of the 19th Century ?Devine, ChristopherWright, Harry; Spalding, Al;
76(4)The Most Exciting World Series GamesReidhead, Peter; and Ron Visco 
94(1)Twin Bills Fill the BillFiesthumel, Scott 

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