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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
163(1)Cy Young Played First And Last Games For CantonKermisch, AlYoung, Cy
163(1)Galan Hit Into No Doubles, But A Triple Play In 1935Kermisch, AlGalan, Augie
89(3)Jimmie ReeseSmith, James D. IIIReese, Jimmie; Starr, Bill
144(2)The Average Length Of A World SeriesBrown, Bob 
101(2)Ted Williams, Premier Batting CoachHannan, JerryWilliams, Ted
80(1)Eye-Catchers In The MicrofilmSuehsdorf, A.D.Bresnahan, Roger
30(4)The Pumpkin And Cabbage Tournament Of 1866Kissel, Tony 
113(4)Standardized Range FactorMcClellan, Scott Mark Schreiber 
21(4)The Parker Brothers And Other Cincinnati OdditiesCardello, JosephParker, Doc; Parker, Jay; McPhee, Bid
62(4)Which Yankee Teams Were Best?Wright, Russell O. 
96(5)The Six Greatest Throwing Outfielders In History!Gagnon, CappyKelly, King; Birmingham, Joe; Youngs, Ross; Cullenbine, Roy; Clemente, Roberto; Barfield, Jesse
160(2)Tim McNamaraKreuz, JimMcNamara, Tim; Stengel, Casey
VariousScoresheet BoxscoresGerth, Steve 
137(4)Lost In The NinthThornley, Stew 
164(1)Doubling UpNelson, DonVander Meer, Johnny
163(1)1906: 16 Clubs In Series?Kermisch, Al 
157(3)How Voters DecideMiller, Stuart 
92(2)Rube ParnhamRoss, MikeParnham, Rube
161(1)Consecutive Shutouts Against One Team (Season)Ruiz, WilliamJaster, Larry
38(1)Just Another Day At The BallparkMacht, NormanSchneider, Pete
106(2)The California Winter LeagueMackey, R. Scott 
107(1)Baseball's Longest Home Run (Nearly Five Minutes)McDonald, DavidWheat, Zack
53(5)Minor League Big GunsGreen, Ernest J.Bauman, Joe; Hauser, Joe; Crues, Bob; Stuart, Dick; Lennon, Bob; Claybaugh, Moose; Guettler, Ken; Lazzeri, Tony; Kennedy, Frosty
58(4)Hitting Hard To All FieldsBoston, TalmageBrown, Bobby
73(3)Czech BaseballKapnick, Ted 
66(3)1969: Carew Steals HomeMarshall, RonCarew, Rod
131(3)Baseball Put To The TestSmyth, Ian 
94(2)Batting Champs In The World SeriesGrosshandler, Stan 
164(1)Puccinelli Was Dominant Hitter In International LoopKermisch, AlPuccinelli, George
153(4)Competitive ImbalanceGibson, Campbell 
69(4)Pinch-Hitting PitchersNoll, GeneLucas, Red
146(4)Ham Hyatt And The Development Of Pinch HittingHannon, John T., Jr.Hyatt, Ham
88(1)Tommy McCarthyGold, EddieMcCarthy, Tommy
103(3)The Mysterious Case Of Rodney PedrazaStorer, JimPedraza, Rod
79(2)StreaksMoran, Neal 
150(3)They Didn't Know How To QuitMayer, Henry C.French, Ray; Miggeling, Johnny; Wyatt, Whit; Simons, Mel; Cullop, Nick
149(1)Fenway DoubtMurphy, Jim 
17(4)In Not Larsen, Who?Blahous, CharlesLarsen, Dick
162(1)Paschal Batted For Babe Ruth And Lew GehrigKermisch, AlPaschal, Ben; Ruth, Babe; Gehrig, Lou
108(3)The Walk-A-Game ClubBump, LaryRobinson, Yank; Crooks, Jack; McGraw, John; Ruth, Babe; Williams, Ted; Joost, Eddie; Mantle, Mickey; Clark, Jack
164(1)Tom O'Brien Victim Of Drinking Sea WaterKermisch, AlO'Brien, Thomas J.
142(2)Mr. October? Not!Hirsch, AlanJackson, Reggie; Munson, Thurman; Brett, George
136(1)Young At HeartGagnon, CappyYoung, Cy; Young, Irv; Young, Harley
47(6)Dominant Pitchers: 2Kaufman, Alan S. and James C. 
134(3)The Strange Case Of Rapp's Missing RapsSelko, JamieRapp, Goldie
156(1)Masaoka Shiki, 1898Johnson, Dan 
141(1)The ThiefRothgerber, Harry J., Jr. 
27(3)Triple Milestone HittersGilbert, Bill 
123(4)RBI AverageSwetman, Daniel Lee 
2(13)Another View Of Dick AllenWright, Craig R.Allen, Dick
34(5)The SABeRhagen SyndromeMcBride, MichaelSaberhagen, Bret
105(1)Leading Off And Playing Shortstop....Lou Gehrig?!Bevis, CharlieGehrig, Lou
39(8)Dominant Pitchers: IBlengino, Tony 
127(4)Total Production AverageHeaton, Eugene E., Jr., And Alan W. Heaton 
81(7)Managers And Close GamesBoynton, Bob 
136(1)The "W" BoysGagnon, CappyWebb, Earl; Wilson, Owen
24(1)The Benefits Of CompetitionCarlson, Jack 
111(2)Major League UmpiresDiTullio, Ted 
117(6)The Busher From DubuqueMurphy, Joseph P., Jr.Rowland, Pants
164(1)Corcoran Received Shabby Treatment In 1885Kermisch, AlCorcoran, Larry; Spalding, Al
76(3)The 1910 White SoxFarmer, Ted 
162(2)Umpire Listed In Lineup Of "Casey" GameKermisch, AlKeefe, Tim; Lynch, Tom; Hooper, DeWolf
25(2)The Matty-Alex TieWayman, Joseph M.Mathewson, Christy; Alexander, Grover
15(2)The OrioleBoyd, Jonathan 

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