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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
10(6)Ila Borders, PitcherArdell, Jean HastingsBorders, Ila
101(4)Minor League PlayerHorning, RossHorning, Ross; Anderson, Red; Younger, James (Bud); Kerr, Dickie
105(4)Tilly WalkerBillson, MarkyWalker, Tilly
108(1)Unlikely Home Run HeadlinesTourangeau, DixieKeeler, Willie; Pelty, Barney; Dougherty, Patsy
109(3)Waite Hoyt, Conveyor of Baseball MemoriesLangenderfer, RobHoyt, Waite
112(9)The 1907 Pacific Coast Baseball Championship SeriesLarwin, TomJohnson, Walter; Gray, Dolly
121(3)Free Agency in 1923?Steinberg, Steve L.Shocker, Urban; Landis, Kenesaw Mountain; Johnson, Ban
124(8)Saint Matty and the Prince of DarknessKohout, Martin D.Mathewson, Christy; Chase, Hal; Heydler, John
16(4)Strike OutSwank, BillCoscarat, Pete; Miller, Marvin
20(13)Dick HighamGerlach, Larry R. and Harold V. HighamHigham, Dick; Thompson, William G.
3(7)The Lost Art of Fair-Foul HittingSchaefer, Robert H.Pearce, Dickey; Barnes, Ross; Chadwick, Henry; Barlow, Tommy; Wright, Harry
33(2)My Start in the Newspaper BusinessGold, EddieGold, Eddie
34(1)The Original Sidd FinchMcDonald, DavidFoo Teang Wong
35(4)The Polo GroundsThornley, Stew 
39(3)Harry and StanleyAnderson, DaveCoveleski, Harry; Coveleski, Stan
42(4)The Hawaii Winter League, 1993-1997Ardolino, FrankCroteau, Julie; Ketchum, Lee Anne
46(5)Finding Andy NelsonTholkes, BobNelson, Andy
50(1)Van's DandyNelson, DonMungo, Van Lingle
50(1)Long Time ComingNelson, Don 
50(1)Super CyclerNelson, DonDiMaggio, Joe
51(3)PepperHawkins, Joel H. and Terry BertolinoTucker, Long John; Anderson, George; Tally, Jesse Lee (Doc)
54(4)In Name OnlyThompson, DickStahl, Chick; Stahl, Jake
58(3)A Streetcar Named ObscurityBerman, JayCrolic, Ed
60(1)Trotters Lost Only Game They PlayedBerman, Jay 
61(5)Last Days of the New England LeagueBevis, CharliePugatch, Bob; Nasternak, Hank; McConvery, Frank; Kuczek, Steve; Newcombe, Don; Campanella, Roy
66(3)Bill Frawley and the Mystery BatEdelman, RobFrawley, Bill; Raft, George; Goslin, Goose; O'Doul, Lefty; DiMaggio, Joe; Rhodes, Dusty
69(1)Nelly Kelly's WaltzWard, Edward R.Norworth, Jack; Von Tilzer, Albert
70(2)Utica Indoor Baseball, 1897-1902Fiesthumel, ScottHancock, George
72(5)Willard Hershberger and the Legacy of SuicideWigley, Brian J. and Dr. Frank B. Ashley and Dr. Arnold LeunesHershberger, Willard; McKechnie, Bill
77(5)Dutch and the GameRoberts, James C.Reagan, Ronald; Zabel, Jim; Feller, Bob
82(2)A Hardy Pinch-Hitting AverageDeane, BillHardy, Carroll
84(3)ThrowbacksWard, MikeProulx, Ralph; Warnke, Ed; Ward, Bob
87(3)Ninth Man OutSwaine, RickGedeon, Joe
90(3)A Celebrity AllegoryBowman, LarryWard, John; Cowell, Sydney
93(5)George SislerWarburton, PaulSisler, George; Hyland, Dr. Robert
98(3)Rube Marquard's Lucky CharmSchechter, GabrielMarquard, Rube; Faust, Charlie; Van Zelst, Louis

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