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Even though Washington has lost its major league baseball club, will President Nixon still be rooting for an American League victory in the 1972 World Series? It may sound silly, but not if you consider that since 1952 a Republican candidate has been elected President every time an American League club has won the world championship in an election year, while the Democrats have taken the big prize when a National League club has been victorious. This is how it has worked out every election year since 1952. Incidentally, every World Series listed below has gone the full 7 games.

Year World Series Winner Presidential Winner

1952 New York, American Dwight Eisenhower, Republican

1956 New York, American Dwight Eisenhower, Republican

1960 Pittsburgh, National John F. Kennedy, Democrat

1964 St. Louis, National Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat

1968 Detroit, American Richard N. Nixon, Republican