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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
82(2)DiMaggio's ChallengersMcCotter, TrentDiMaggio, Joe; Dahlen, Bill
90(7)More Interesting Statistical CombinationsUelkes, Peter 
58(2)One-Team PlayersCarle, BillBiggio, Craig; Bagwell, Jeff
46(2)Baseball Geography and TransportationReisner, Alex 
84(6)Effect of Batting Order (Not Lineup) on ScoringSmith, David W. 
60(3)Salary Arbitration: Burden or Benefit?Gilbert, Bill 
30(4)Mystery PhotosMichael, George 
25(5)Nickel and Dime PitchesBaldwin, Dave; Terry Bahill; and Alan NathanHudson, Sid
1(14)The Composition of Kings: The Monroe Monarchs and the Negro Southern League, 1931Aiello, Thomas 
40(3)Do Players Outperform in a Walk Season?Birnbaum, Phil 
109(6)Revisiting Bill Veeck and the 1943 PhilliesTygiel, JulesVeeck, Bill; Gimbel, Mike; Gerlach, Larry; Jordan, David; Rossi, John
16(3)Relative Team Strength in the World SeriesCassuto, Alexander E.; and Franklin Lowenthal 
54(4)Are Balances Teams More Successful?Morong, Cyril 
15(1)Base Ball to Base-Ball to BaseballBevis, Charlie 
100(4)All Saves Are Not Created EqualSchechter, Gabriel 
23(2)Does Walking the Leadoff Batter Lead to Big Innings?Smith, David W.McCarver, Tim
48(6)The Cy Young Award: Individual or Team Recognition?Cely, Monte 
124(2)Still Searching for Clutch PitchersDeane, Bill; with statistics by Pete Palmer 
34(6)Was Ty Cobb a Power Hitter?Brownell, Roy E. IICobb, Ty
97(3)Fenway Park's Hand-Operated ScoreboardVincent, David 
63(11)The Curse of the … Hurlers? Consequential Red Sox-Yankees Trades of NoteSteinberg, SteveRuth, Babe; Hoyt, Waite; Pipgras, George; Jones, Sam; Mays, Carl; Bush, Joe; Pennock, Herb
43(3)Consecutive Times Reaching Base: Ted Williams Dethroned by an Unlikely Record HolderMcCotter, TrentWilliams, Ted; Ward, Frank
104(2)Does Money Buy Success?: The Relationship Between Payrolls and Victories in Major League Baseball, 1996-2005Abramowitz, Alan I. 
106(3)Interleague Attendance Boost Mostly a MirageGillette, Gary; and Pete Palmer 
74(8)New Light on an Old ScandalCarney, Gene 
19(4)How Rules Changes in 1920 Affected Home RunsVincent, David 
115(9)The Demise of the Reserve Clause: The Players' Path to FreedomThornley, StewMiller, Marvin; Messersmith, Andy; McNally, Dave

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