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PagesAuthorTitlePeople Mentioned
44(1)Tiemann, Robert L.A 1-0 Sweep By The Hitless Wonders 
64(1)Rothe, Emil H.A Dozen In A Row 
13(4)Tomlinson, GeraldA Minor-League Legend: Buzz Arlett, The "Mightiest Oak"Arlett, Buzz
83(6)Etkin, JackAn Interview With Frenchy BordagarayBordagaray, Frenchy
40(1)Tiemann, Robert L.Babe And Big TrainRuth, Babe; Johnson, Walter
6(4)Gagnon, CappyBatting Eye Index: Walks Over Whiffs 
21(2)Kaplan, JimBill Mazeroski: An AppreciationMazeroski, Bill
10(3)Brooks, EdBill Sisler: Career Minor LeaguerSisler, Bill
41(4)Gordon, Peter M.Bob Gibson In 1968: Best Pitching Year EverGibson, Bob
38(3)Amman, LarryDenny McLain's Superb '68: A Pennant And 31 WinsMcLain, Denny
61(4)Goldberg, BruceDoes Jet Lag Affect Races? 
5(1)Rothe, Emil H.Double Trouble 
5(1) Exact Tie Late In Batting RaceWilliams, Ted; Runnels, Pete
33(1)Tiemann, Robert L.Hartsel Scores On Hit Of Hartsel's GloveHartsel, Topsy
23(2)Mandt, EdwardLatin American All-Stars: Los Ninos De Otono 
79(3)Kelleher, Garrett J.More Than A Kid: The Story Of Kid GleasonGleason, Kid
65(8)Houk, Ralph And Robert W. CreamerMusing On Maris: 1961 RememberedMaris, Roger
76(3)Olson, Robert C.Nineteenth-Century Baseball Writing 
49(1)Walsh, Vincent T., PhotographerO Tempora, O Mores, O Nostalgia 
64(1)Rothe, Emil H.Oh, Brother!Ferrell, Wes; Ferrell, Rick
25(9)Bailey, BobPlayer-Managers: A Noble Tradition 
16(1)Gagnon, CappyPlayers Who Outhomered Their StrikeoutsDiMaggio, Joe
5(1)Rothe, Emil H.Power ShortageKuhel, Joe
81(1)Van Overloop, Mark E.Power/Average Leaders 
73(3)Olsen, Eric Wm.Regular-Season Play And Post-Season Success 
45(5)Clarke, GaylordRetooling The Batter 
2(4)Spatz, LyleRetroactive Cy Young Awards 
17(4)Shandler, RonRotisserie Leagues And New Statistics: Combining The Best Of Both Worlds 
34(4)Fong, BobbyRuns Produced Plus 
82(1)Speer, RenSchuey's Big DaySchumacher, Hal
54(7)Briley, RonThe Times Were A-Changin': Baseball As A Symbol Of American Values In Transition, 1963-1964 
50(4)Holway, John B.Willie Wells: A Devil Of A ShortstopWells, Willie
20(1)Davids, L. RobertYankees; GWRBI 1920-1942 

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