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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned 
12(11)Where The Twain Shall MeetClifton, Merritt 4
2(3)Let's Go Back To Eight-Team LeaguesMcCormack, John 4
23(2)The Last Brooklyn DodgerZafran, Jack 4
25(1)Acrostic PuzzleNeuman, Jeffrey 4
26(7)The Year Of The HitterMead, William B. 4
33(6)1884: Old Hoss Radbourne And The Providence GraysIvor-Campbell, FrederickRadbourn, Charley4
39(3)Mutries Mets Of 1884O'Malley, John J.Mutrie, Jim; Lynch, Jack; Keefe, Tim4
42(3)Dick Allen's 1972: A Year To RememberLazarus, MarkAllen, Dick4
45(12)Spring TrainingMumby, Mike And Mark Rucker 4
5(2)Do Clutch Pitchers Exist?Palmer, Pete 4
52(7)The Ballad Of Old Bill WilliamsDr. StarkeySheridan, Jack; Evans, Billy; Emslie, Bob; O'Day, Hank 
57(5)The Year The Yankees Lost The PennantGallagher, Mark 4
62(12)Anatomy Of A Murder: The Federal League And The CourtsHailey, GaryWalsh, Jimmy; Gilmore, James A.; Herrmann, Garry 
7(5)Take-Charge CyKrueckeberg, DanRigler, Cy; Luque, Dolf; Frisch, Frankie; McGraw, John; Rice, Sam4
74(8)Statistics And Fair Play: The Oliver SystemBowles, Frank P.Oliver, Ted4
82(3)The National Baseball LibraryDeane, BillHeitz, Tom4
85(2)Farrell As FanSanders, DavidFarrell, James T.4
87(2)Out At HomeMalloy, JerryWalker, Fleet; Anson, Cap 

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