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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
10(1)Little Known FactsHorn, Conrad 
11(7)Honus Wagner's Rookie YearSuehsdorf, A.D.Wagner, Honus
18(4)Ossie Bluege: The Quirkless ManLevy, JaneBluege, Ossie
2(3)The Hidden-Ball Trick, Nicaragua And MeFeldman, JayFeldman, Jay; Lopez, Roger
22(6)Spring Training PioneersKarst, Gene 
27(1)Ike And The Black Sox ScandalEisenhower, Dwight D.Eisenhower, Dwight D.
28(8)MacmillanPhelps, Frank V. 
36(5)Lee AllenOverfield, Joseph M.Allen, Lee
41(4)The Pitcher As FielderKaplan, Jim 
43(1)Kaat's PoiseKaplan, JimKaat, Jim
45(8)Baseball Goes To WarMumby, Mike And Mark Rucket 
5(4)Bill Veeck Park: A Modest ProposalBess, Philip 
53(3)Let's Save The Hall Of FameMcCormack, John 
56(6)Diamond StarsHolway, John B. 
62(4)The Death Of Willard HershbergerBarbour, JamesHershberger, Willard
66(3)Pardon My FrenchClifton, MerrittFrench, Jim; Hannan, Jim
69(6)Why The System Of Batting Averages Should Be ChangedLane, F.C. 
75(1)Acrostic PuzzleNeuman, Jeffrey 
76(5)Safe At HomeLindholm, Karl 
80(1)The Wisdom Of Solomon MarbleheadStark, Dr. Lucien 
81(2)Clutch Pitchers Do ExistKelly, Bob 
82(1)Look, Ma, No HandsCarothers, James B. 
82(1)Four-Decade Players ReconsideredHorn, Conrad 
83(6)Playing ManagersStein, Fred 
9(2)Eddie Gaedel: The Sad Life Of Baseball's MidgetReisler, JimGaedel, Eddie; Cain, Bob

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