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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
13(2)From The Ashes...Pietrusza, David 
15(2)Did He Really Call His Shot?Bell, DonRuth, Babe; Kandle, Matt
17(4)Pinhead Christy MathewsonHarris, John McCormackMathewson, Christy; Freedman, Andrew; Rusie, Amos
2(5)From Ragamuffins To Hall-of-FamersEnglish Department, University Of Cincinnati Oral History Project 
21(6)The Greatest World Series Upset Of All TimeGordon, Peter M. 
27(6)The 1901 Boston AmericansBevis, Charles W. 
33(4)Harry Heilman, Voice Of The TigersOkkonen, MarcHeilmann, Harry
38(5)Dickey Pearce: Baseball's First Great ShortstopSmith, Duane A.Pearce, Dickey
43(6)Join In The Majors, See The WorldTiemann, Robert 
49(5)The Old Orioles' First PennantMiller, JimHanlon, Ned
54(3)Hack Miller, Cub StrongmanAhrens, ArtMiller, Hack
57(8)Batboys: The Witnesses Nobody SeesRobinson, George And Margalit FoxLefebvre, Jim; Lachemann, Rene; Firestone, Roy; Bennett, Eddie
65(4)Baseball's Biographer: Dr. Harold SeymourBurke, MichaelSeymour, Harold
69(3)You Could Look It UpOverfield, JoeSullivan, Jerry; Gaedel, Eddie; Stallings, George
7(6)Jackie Robinson's Signing: The Real, Untold StoryThorn, John And Jules TygielRobinson, Jackie; Rickey, Branch; Mann, Arthur; Brewer, Chet
72(3)The Rube ArrivesScott, Joe A.Waddell, Rube
75(4)Tragedy And Triumph: Bobo Newsom's 1940 World SeriesRoss, MikeNewsom, Bobo
79(4)The Kidnapping Of Flint RhemThom, JohnRhem, Flint; Hallahan, Bill
83(5)Andy Cohen: Second Baseman As Ethnic HeroSimons, BillCohen, Andy

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