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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
11(2)The Cubans' Last StandMalloy, JerryStovey, George; Grant, Frank
13(1)A Mammoth Homer And A Perfect GameTiemann, Robert L.Breitenstein, Ted; Lyons, Denny
14(3)Alexander The GreatDittmar, JoeAlexander, Pete
17(2)Why Connie Mack's Hair Turned WhiteKochanowicz, George 
19(2)A World Series For FlatbushGoldstein, Richard 
2(2)The Year 2 A.D. (After Doubleday)Alvarez, MarkDoubleday, Abner
21(2)The Prince Of DarknessKohout, Martin DonnellChase, Hal
23(2)A Letter From The AtticCarr, BobSpeaker, Tris
25(3)The Babe Saves Boston's SeasonTourangeau, Richard "Dixie"Ruth, Babe
28(2)26 Straight For McGrawKnight, TomMcGraw, John
30(2)The World's Oldest BatboyHolway, John B.Le Bost, Hank; Stengel, Casey
32(2)Quit While You're AheadKavanagh, JackCarrigan, Bill; Ruth, Babe
34(4)The Magnificent YankeeLundquist, CarlDiMaggio, Joe; Auker, Eldon; Newsome, Dick; Muncrief, Bob; Babich, Johnny
38(2)300 For LeftyDoherty, PaulGrove, Lefty
4(2)The Turning PointJohnson, W.Lloyd 
40(1)Early's First WinKermisch, AlWynn, Early
41(3)A Year To Remember Especially In BrooklynMacPhail, LeeMacPhail, Larry
44(2)Why Did Mickey Miss The Ball?Macht, Norman L.Owen, Mickey; Casey, Hugh; Henrich, Tommy
46(2)Whit Wyatt - The Dodgers' 1941 AceLiley, ThomasWyatt, Whitlow
48(2)Please Don't Let Them Knock Me Off This Roof!Ruland, Bob 
5(1)Where Was The Jefferson Street Grounds?Spivak, Joel 
50(2)The Gutsy Gashouse GangMead, Alden 
52(3)The Splendid Splinter's Splendid FinishCrissey, Harrington "Kit"Williams, Ted
55(2)Mexico's Year Of Josh GibsonVaughn, Gerald F.Gibson, Josh
57(2)The Golden Age Of Puerto Rican BallAlvelo, Luis 
59(2)Winter In CubaFigueredo, Jorge 
6(1)Boss Tweed And The MutualsVoigt, David Q.Tweed, William Marcy
61(2)Ted's Titanic All-Star HomerStout, GlennWilliams, Ted
63(2)Showdown In St. LouisBorst, Bill 
65(2)Before The Game Was Color BlindBolton, Todd 
67(1)Stan The BoyHorton, RalphMusial, Stan
68(1)The Funeral Of Lou GehrigKelleher, Garrett J.Gehrig, Lou
69(1)The Midnight SunEddleton, Oscar 
7(2)The Red Stockings' Last HurrahTiemann, Robert L. 
70(2)Caramba! Here Come Los Hermanos AlousRuck, RobAlou, Felipe; Alou, Jesus; Alou, Matty; Waner, Paul; Waner, Lloyd
72(2)A Year To Forget For Yankee FansDebs, Vic 
74(2)Astroturf ArrivesPastier, John 
76(1)Sandy K. Is Pitching TodayGold, EddieKoufax, Sandy
77(3)Frank Robinson Inspires Oriole MagicMazer, Roslyn A.Robinson, Frank
80(2)Sandy's Last HurrahSpatz, LyleKoufax, Sandy
82(1)The Changing Of The GuardSmith, David W.Palmer, Jim; Koufax, Sandy
83(2)Marichal the Magnificent: The Giants' High-KickerBjarkman, Peter C.; and Jose DeJesus, Jr.Marichal, Juan
85(2)Baseball Comes to the Land of Cotton: The Braves Move SouthLinder, Dan 
86(1)Atlanta's 1966 SeasonMurphy, Ray 
87(2)Moe's Mischief: Hotfoots, Snakes and Phone callsTomlinson, GeraldDrabowsky, Moe
9(2)The Magnates Regain ControlGelzheiser, Bob 

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