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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
11(2)American League Diamond Stars Polished In Puerto RicoVan Hyning, Thomas E.Alomar, Roberto; Baerga, Carlos; Gonzalez, Juan; Martinez, Edgar
13(3)George MagerkurthKnight, TomMagerkurth, George; Durocher, Leo
15Magerkurth's Famous Battle Had Unexpected RamificationsKavanagh, JackMagerkurth, George
16(8)Extraordinary 1884Ivor-Campbell, FrederickRadbourn, Charley
24(4)The Upstart Senators Of 1912-1915Waterman, GuyJohnson, Walter; Milan, Clyde
28(2)The Goalie Who Loved BaseballChambers, AntoniaGardiner, Charlie
3(2)The BoardKeetz, FrankO'Neill, Steve
30(4)Satch Vs. JoshLester, Larry With John "Buck" O'NeilPaige, Satchel; Gibson, Josh; O'Neil, Buck
34(9)A History Of Dodger OwnershipMcCue, AndyByrne, Charles; Abell, Ferdinand; Ebbets, Charles; McKeever, Steve; McKeever, Ed; Rickey, Branch; MacPhail, Larry; O'Malley, Walter
43(2)Young And A GiantChambers, BillDoyle, Larry; Merkle, Fred
45(5)Denny Lyons' 52-game Hitting StreakVoigt, David Q.Lyons, Denny
5(3)Locating Philadelphia's Historic BallfieldsCasway, Jerrold 
50(3)In Holland, Honk If You Love BaseballFeldman, Jay 
53(4)The 1884 Altoona UnionsWright, Jerry Jaye 
57(5)Wee Willie Keeler: Fame And FailureTrachtenberg, LeoKeeler, Willie
62(4)Doc Powers Shocking EndDittmar, JoePowers, Doc; Mack, Connie
66(5)The Louisville Colonels Of 1890Bailey, BobChapman, John
71(5)The 1930 PhilliesThom, John 
76(3)The Continental League Of 1921Pietrusza, DavidLawson, Andy
79(2)The MilkmanDoyle, DutchChambers, Rube
8(3)Jackie And The Juniors Vs. Margaret And The BloomersGregorich, BarbaraMitchell, Jackie; Elberfeld, Kid; Nabel, Margaret
81(3)Les TietjeSmart, SteveTietje, Les; Appling, Luke; Hornsby, Rogers
84(3)The Chicago School Of Baseball WritingNawrocki, TomDunne, Finley Peter; Chadwick, Henry; Fullerton, Hugh; Seymour, Charlie; Washburn, Len
87(3)Billy GoodmanSumner, JimGoodman, Billy
90(4)XX And Hoosier ChuckKrevisky, SteveFoxx, Jimmie; Klein, Chuck
94(2)Kid SistersHelmer, Diana StarWells, Janet; Hoppe, Herb

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