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PagesTitleAuthorPeople Mentioned
104(6)Twilight at Ebbets FieldCostello, Rory 
110(1)Was Roy Cullenbine a Better Batter than Joe DiMaggio?Tucker, Walter DunnCullenbine, Roy; DiMaggio, Joe
111(4)The 1945 All-Star Game: The Baseball Navy World Series at Furlong Field, HawaiiNowlin, Bill 
115(4)The First Unknown Soldier: General Emmett O'Donnell, Baseball CommissionerBailey, BobO'Donnell, Emmett; Chandler, Happy
119(4)This is Your Sport on Cocaine: The Pittsburgh Trials of 1985Beitler, SteveSmith, Lonnie; Davis, Dick; Mathews, Gary; Noles, Dickie; Hernandez, Keith; Andujar, Joaquin; Strong, Curtis; McCue, Robert; Cabell, Enos; Berra, Dale; Parker, Dave; Leonard, Jeff; Milner, John; Scurry, Rod; Howe, Steve; Lacy, Lee; Raines, Tim
123(2)Sound BITESBrock, Darryl 
125(4)Death in the Ohio State LeagueLammers, CraigPinkney, Charles; Hageman, Casey
18(5)Dizzy Dean, Brownie for a DayJoyner, RonnieDean, Dizzy
23(3)The '62 Mets: Blame Weiss and StengelOlbermann, KeithWeiss, George; Stengel, Casey
26(7)Professional Baseball and Football: A Close RelationshipMcKenna, Brian 
3(15)The Chicago Cubs' College of Coaches: A Management Innovation that FailedPuerzer, Richard J.Wrigley, Philip K.; Himsl, Vedie; O'Neil, Buck; Whitlow, Robert; Kennedy, Bob
33(7)Wallace Goldsmith, Boston Sports CartoonistBrackett, EdGoldsmith, Wallace
40(1)About the Boston PilgrimsNowlin, Bill 
41(4)Danny Gardella and the Reserve ClauseMandell, DavidGardella, Danny
45(9)Bringing Home the Bacon: How the Black Sox Got Back into BaseballPomrenke, JacobCicotte, Eddie; Risberg, Swede; Jackson, Joe; Wagle, Kelly
54(7)Why, They'll Bet on a Foul Ball: The Southern Association Scandal of 1959Corbett, WarrenLevan, Jesse; Trautman, George; Borton, Babe; Bonetti, Julio; Triplett, Hooper; Fugit, Paul; Kaiser, Alvin; Pecou, Leonard; Thomas, Bill; Vettorel, Don; McElreath, Al; DeForge, Barney;
61(11)Clemente's Entry into Organized Baseball: Hidden in Montreal?Thornley, StewClemente, Roberto; Macon, Max; Bavasi, Buzzie; Markusen, Bruce; Wagenheim, Kal; Maraniss, David; Musick, Phil; Hano, Arnold
72(5)The Winning Team: Fact and Fiction in Celluloid BiographiesEdelman, RobAlexander, Grover; Reagan, Ronald; Day, Doris
77(8)Fascinating Aspects about the Retired Uniform Numbers of the Detroit TigersKrabbenhoft, HermGehringer, Charlie; Greenberg, Hank; Kaline, Al; Horton, Willie; Newhouser, Hal
85(7)Crossing Red River: Spring Training in TexasJackson, Frank 
92(3)The Windowbreakers: The New York Giants in 1947Treder, Steve 
95(2)Marathon Men: Rube and Cy Go the DistanceO'Brien, DanYoung, Cy; Waddell, Rube
97(7)I'm a Faster Man Than You Are, Heinie ZimSmiley, Richard A.Zimmerman, Heinie; Rariden, Bill; Holke, Walt

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