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High Minor League Batting Records
Written by Michael Hothan   
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 16:00

Click here to download the file.

This collection of high minor league batting records represents a work in progress.

I have listed on the first 246 lines the 200 Minor League years that I now have in this spreadsheet with 44 columns. I was not able to find or calculate batting records in all columns (categories) for all years and leagues. Most of the column headings are familiar. The ones that may not be familiar are TPA-total plate appearances, GS-grand slam home runs, HR%-home run percentage (home runs divided by at-bats), LH-long hits, INTERF-number of times batter awarded first base on account of interference by the catcher, GWRBI-game winning runs batted in (figures only available for a few recent years) and OBP-on base percentage.

For example, if you wanted to know what batter led the Western Association in sacrifice hits in 1923, look in the first part of the spreadsheet and you will notice that this league is shown on line 33. Then scroll down in the second part of the spreadsheet to the year 1923 and then go the class C leagues in 1923. The Western Association high batting marks and batting leaders starts on line 681. Then go to the column for sacrifice hits (SH), AG. Under this column the league leader’s mark is in bold. Thus the 1923 Western Association batting leader in sacrifice hits is Lyall with 48. As of now, I do not show any leagues between 1903 and 1913.

Please email me with any questions or suggestions.

Michael L. Hothan

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