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BRJ - 1986
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1 A Genuine Hal& Saint to Cardinal to Angel
2 A Truer Measure of ‘Games Behind’
3 Baseball Tops All Sports as National Phrasemaker
4 Baseball's First Publicist Henry Chadwick
5 Bitter Inter-City Rivalry Died When Twins Arrived
6 Bud Fowler, Black Pioneer, and the 1884 Stillwaters
7 Cape Cod League a Talent Showcase
8 Chicos and Gringos of Beisbol Venezolana
9 Forbes Field Praised as a Gem When It Opened
10 Hazards and Tips for Researchers
11 Irving Lewis: The Boston Brave Who Never Was
12 Is Ozzie Smith Worth $2,000,000 a Season?
13 Jack Bentley's Sad Tale: Victim of Circumstances
14 Judy Johnson a True Hot Corner Hotshot
15 Measuring the Greats on Prime Performance
16 Pitching Greatness A 10-Year Analysis
17 Reminiscence: An Era Most Have Forgotten
18 Researcher's Notebook Unravels More Mysteries
19 SABR Picks 1900-1948 Rookies of the Year
20 Seventh-Game Syndrome Key: Weary Pitching
21 The Rise and Fall of Louis Sockalexis
22 Study of ‘The Count’ Yields Fascinating Data
23 The Tragic Saga of Charlie Hollocher
24 They Called Him ‘Pitcher’
25 They Could Run But Couldn't Walk
26 Too Good in Minors to Manage in Majors!
27 TV `Good Guy' Garagiola Downplays Diamond Career
28 Who Rate as Baseball's Most Complete Sluggers?
29 Wilmington Quicksteps Glory to Oblivion

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